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It is Prague, 1584. In the dark attic of the Synagogue, Rabbi Loew walks nervously. Piles of books on a desk, gold melting
in the cauldron, and a mass of clay shaped into human form. “Now the last step,” exclaims the Rabbi, “because only with
a true word will you come to life!” As the word “Truth” is engraved on the clay giant’s forehead and the word “God” is
put into its mouth, a great silence descends upon the room. The eyes open, illuminated by a sinister light, and stare at
the Rabbi’s gaze, waiting for its first order.
The legend of the Golem is one of the most fascinating stories in the world and has its roots in the Jewish tradition.
In Golem, this story inspires a strategic and complex game in which players take on the role of scholars focused on
recreating the famous clay automas.
Use your knowledge (represented by the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet “Aleph”) to study traditional books, collect
gold and melt it down to create powerful artifacts, bring tireless Golems to life and send them to the city to do important
jobs. You will need to maintain control of your Golems by using your students and spending the knowledge you have
gained. You can also choose to kill your Golems to avoid paying for their maintenance.


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Golem is an engine-building game by Simone Luciani, Virginio Gigli and Flaminia Brasini, the same team as Grand Austria Hotel and Lorenzo il Magnifico.

The game is based on the 16th-century legend of the Golem of Prague, an anthropomorphic creature that Rabbi Loew animated starting from a clay statue to protect his people. In the game, players take the role of Rabbis who create and grow these powerful creatures that will be moved in the neighbors of Prague under the control of students. Be careful, because if a golem becomes too powerful, it will destroy everything it encounters on its way. Players can also kill theirs Golems in order to get bonuses.

Players also create powerful artifacts and acquire knowledge by collecting ancient books.

The game is divided into five rounds, and each round is composed by 7 phases:

1) Refresh
2) Golem Movement
3) Actions (2 marble actions and 1 rabbi action)
4) Turn Order
5) Influence Character
6) Income and Development
7) Golem Control

At the beginning of each round, the players will shuffle the colored marbles into the 3D synagogue that will split them into five lines corresponding to the five main actions available in the game:

  • Work: By paying mana, you can activate the Golem placed in the city of Prague and get bonuses.
  • Golem: Obtain clay to create new golems and upgrade the developments on your personal board.
  • Artifact: Obtain coins and buy gold to build artifacts that offer permanent bonuses in the game and upgrade developments on your personal board.
  • Spells: Obtain mana and perform spells (with a scoring for book collection) and upgrade developments on your personal board.
  • Mirror: Perform one action of your choice by paying 1 coin.

The number of marbles available in the corresponding action line determines how much the player gets from the action. When you choose an action, you collect one marble of your choice in the corresponding line and depending on the color of the marble you chose, you also move your student forward on one of the districts of Prague.

It's important to advance your students on those tracks to be able to keep your golems under control. At the end of the round, knowledge can also be used to control a golem that surpassed its students, but if one of these creatures is uncontrolled, it may become dangerous and destroy the neighborhood, after which you will have to destroy and bury it!

The marble color also matters because at the end of the round, if you get the correct combination of two colors, you receive the favor of one of the powerful Prague characters, which will differ each round.

At the end of the fifth round, players score points for golems active or buried, artifacts, books, development on their personal board and goal cards collected.

Additional parameters

Category: Board Games
Weight: 2 kg
? 1. Core Game / Expansion: Core game
? 2. Minimum age: 13
? 3. Game language: Without text
? 4. Rulebook language: Czech, English
? 5. Minimum players: 1
? 6. Maximum players: 4
? 7. Play time (minutes): 61-90, 91-120, 121-180
? 8. Boardgamegeek rating (0-10): 7.6
? 9. Complexity (1-5): 4
? Designers: Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani
? Categories: Fantasy, Novel-based, Renaissance
? Mechanics: Set Collection, Variable Player Powers, Variable Set-up, Worker Placement, Action Drafting, Income
? Year Published: 2021
? Artists: Roberto Grasso (I)
Typ hry: Strategická, Tématická
Herní doba: 120 minut
Autor: Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani
EAN: 8034055582909

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